Committed to Bible teaching roles for women

We are keen to encourage all students to develop good Bible handling skills, while understanding that they will exercise their teaching gifts in a variety of different contexts.

Cornhill is committed to complementarian ministry and recognises that men and women have equally valid but different roles to play in the ministry of God’s church. Students and their local churches may apply the biblical principles that speak on this issue in slightly different ways but our number-one priority is to equip all students for a lifetime of faithful Bible teaching.

Cornhill graduates move onto a range of different ministries after completing the course. Some of the men will end up leading churches, either here in the UK or overseas, and have a full-time expository preaching ministry. Some of the women will work for a church, either full-time or part-time, teaching the Bible to women, or to students, young people or children. Others return to the secular workplace and continue to serve the church in a variety of ways in their spare time. Whatever the future holds for students, we want them to teach the Bible faithfully, with wisdom and integrity, honouring the Lord Jesus as they do so.

The majority of Cornhill is taught with students learning together but, in order to reflect the diversity of roles that they will have in the local church, there are occasions when teaching is done in gender-based groups (see diagrams below).


Women’s ministry in the local church

Youth and children’s ministry

Being a woman on the team
Leading the church

Leading the team

How not to quarrel

Playing second fiddle


Evangelistic talks

Training women in discipleship

Training women in personal evangelism
Evangelistic preaching