We exist to promote expository bible preaching & teaching. 

We are ambitious for the spread of the gospel – and of expository Bible preaching and teaching in particular – in the UK and beyond, in partnership with the local church. 

We want to play our part in training and deploying some of the many thousands of competent Bible teachers that the world needs. Our conviction is that when the Bible is faithfully taught, God’s voice is clearly heard. And therefore the proclaiming and hearing of the Bible is the main thing in ministry. 

Our core business is to persuade others of that conviction and to train, equip and encourage them in a ministry of expository Bible teaching and preaching. The Cornhill Training Course, based in London, is at the heart of the training we offer. 

As you read through the pages on this site please keep that expansive global vision in your mind. Whether or not you decide that our courses are the right next step for you, please pray with us that this powerful gospel will advance.

Nigel Styles
Director of Cornhill