Cornhill Plus

The range of reliable training pathways at seminary level has grown over the last thirty years since Cornhill began.

But recognising that some 70% of Cornhill Core students go on to full-time or part-time roles in local church ministry without any further training, we have wanted to provide continuing in-service training for Cornhill ‘graduates’.

Cornhill Plus, though at a higher academic level, is built on the same theological convictions as the rest of the course:

• That the Scriptures themselves are the God-given means of equipping prayerful Bible teachers;

• That the local church should be the primary context in which students grow in the likeness of Christ and are equipped for ministry.

All teaching at Cornhill is interactive, but this is even more so in Cornhill Plus. In addition to input from the tutors, there is a focus on students doing their own exegetical work and presenting it to the rest of the class. This means that students are continually developing the skill of understanding and teaching the Bible.

A key distinctive of Cornhill Plus is the ‘mega-module,’ where we combine in-depth study of a book of the Bible with an exploration of a theological or pastoral theme to which that part of Scripture makes an important contribution. The doctrinal discussion is not restricted to that Bible book, and students are expected to engage with a variety of secondary literature, but the fact that it is rooted in a part of the Bible that we know well means that our systematic theology is informed by exegesis and vice versa. The format of the mega-modules can be seen in the diagram below.

Streams A and B take place on Thursdays and Fridays. The following year they are replaced by Streams C and D, and so they alternate. A student can complete the curriculum, in any order, either one day a week over four years, or at an accelerated rate of two days a week over two years.

In addition, students attend two residentials per year. We have previously covered topics such as Galatians and the Doctrine of Justification; The Reformation and a guided reading of Calvin’s Institutes and Preaching Amos.

Students begin or continue their studies in Greek and Hebrew via the online courses offered by There is a one-off additional cost for this package.

In addition to the time spent at Cornhill we estimate that a self-disciplined and organised Cornhill student doing the standard Cornhill Plus will need about 4 hours each each week for study and preparation.

Stream AStream B
John and the Doctrine of the Trinity (two terms)
Jeremiah and the Doctrine of Scripture (one term)
Genesis and Doctrinal Foundations (two terms)
Revelation and the Doctrine of Eschatology (one term)
Stream CStream D
Pastoral Epistles and Christian leadership (two terms)
Ephesians, Identity and Pastoral Ministry (one term)
Leviticus, Hebrews and the Doctrine of the Atonement (two terms)
Matthew and Discipleship (one term)

If you would like to apply for Cornhill Plus or if you have any questions about the course, please email