Cornhill Foundation Year 1 (F1) / Year 2 (F2)

F1 and F2 lay the foundations of Cornhill. Each lasts one day a week for a year. 

There are two groups of F1 students, one attending on Mondays and the other on Tuesdays. F2 students attend on Wednesdays. All courses meet in our new, well-equipped building in London.

F1 is similar in level and content to the various ministry training courses run by Regional Gospel Partnerships in the UK, and indeed some people will join later stages of Cornhill having done one of those courses. F2 is deliberately more challenging, and we anticipate that about half of F1 students will decide to continue their studies into F2 and beyond.

Mornings are given to interactive lectures. The focus is on biblical exposition, and we cover approximately nine Bible books in some depth each year. In addition, we explore three major Christian doctrines, such as the atonement, or God’s sovereignty and free will. In F1, we also include an overview of the whole Bible, showing how each book fits within a single overarching story.

Perhaps the most important component of the course is Teaching Practice. Students have the opportunity to try out the skills they have been learning by presenting a short Bible talk to a small group of their peers. This is led by a Cornhill tutor or a visiting church leader who facilitates discussion and provides encouragement and constructive feedback. In F1 these presentations are taken mainly from Colossians. In F2 they deliberately cover six different Bible genres (Epistle, Gospel, Old Testament Narrative, Wisdom, Prophecy, Old Testament Law).

The final interactive lecture of the day covers a range of topics: convictions about the shape of biblical ministry, practical ministry skills, church history, apologetics, pastoral care, and a series of sessions on the life and character required of a Christian leader.

After the end of the Cornhill day, some students stay on for weekly classes in New Testament Greek (after F2).

In addition to the day spent at Cornhill we estimate that a self-disciplined and organised Cornhill student doing F1 or F2 will need not less than a half-day each week for study and preparation.

Applications are now open for the 2024-25 F1 & F2 courses. Apply now.

A typical timetable

F1 on Monday or Tuesday
F2 on Wednesday
09.00-09.20Morning Devotion
09.20-12.30Expository Lecture
13.30-15.00Teaching Practice
15.30-16.00Afternoon Lecture

An opportunity to complete F1 & F2 in a single year

We recommend completing F1 in a year, and then F2 in the following year, to allow more time to dwell on what has been learnt and to put it into practice in local church ministry. However, we realise that there can be reasons for why this may not be possible.

For the next academic year, we will pilot offering a small group of individuals the opportunity to complete F1 and F2 in a single year. These individuals will come to Cornhill for two days a week, joining F1 on a Monday and F2 on a Wednesday, throughout the academic year. They will also need to set aside an additional day a week for preparation.

It will be more intensive (3 days a week: 2 at Cornhill, 1 for prep) and is designed for those intending to continue into Core in a second year.

If you would like to register your interest for completing F1 & F2 in a single year, please select the option to discuss F1 & F2 in your application, and a member of the teaching staff will get in touch.