Listening carefully to what God says

Our foundational conviction is that the Bible is God’s word written.

We believe that it is his Word to the world, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is his Word to his people, building them up. We believe that through the books of the Bible God is speaking — present tense. And if the Bible is God himself speaking, then we should listen humbly, reverently and obediently.

At Cornhill we are seeking together to read and handle God’s Word rightly, and thereby to listen to him attentively. Through the lectures and seminars — and across the course — you will learn to focus on what God actually says in the Bible. You will learn to understand how he speaks through the words and intentions of the human authors of the Bible books. You will learn to be responsive to God’s purposes as he speaks to us through them. And you will become familiar with much of what he says! If you were to stick with us for three years, you’d have studied over 40 of the Bible’s 66 books. In every case, learning to read the Bible carefully. Learning the skills that will help you and others to continue to do so for a lifetime. But at Cornhill our desire is to set people off in the right direction, instilling good habits in handling God’s Word — habits we hope will become instinctive and lasting.