Below you can find testimonials from some of our students past and present.

“The lectures make the Bible so accessible. They’ve helped me to understand how to dig deeper and see God’s salvation plan throughout the whole of history”

“The Teaching practice groups have helped me to grow in my love for God’s word, in my understanding of different books of the Bible and in my confidence in teaching it.”

“It is an excellent course for anyone who is involved in their local church in any teaching capacity”

“The teaching practice groups are uniquely special. They’ve really changed the way I look at God’s word and approach it”

“Every Monday morning when I sit in my study with a sermon to prepare I draw on skills and insights honed on the Cornhill Training Course”

“I wanted some training on how to faithfully teach the riches in God’s word to the children and women I am working with. Cornhill has given me that training and also the confidence needed to do so”