About PT Conferences

The Proclamation Trust is founded on the conviction that when the Bible is faithfully taught, God’s voice is clearly heard.

And therefore that the teaching, preaching and hearing of God’s Word are paramount. Our core business is to persuade others of that conviction and to train, equip and encourage them in faithful expository Bible teaching and preaching ministries.

2021 was a year of significant anniversaries for us – 40 years since the first residential preaching conference, 35 years since PT was founded, and 30 years since the Cornhill Training Course began. We are hugely thankful to the Lord for the way these ministries have grown over the years and for His sustaining in all the challenges that have arisen from time to time. These milestones have given us the opportunity to reflect on the past and to clarify and sharpen our focus for the future.

Two other significant factors have also come into play. The first was the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic that, providentially, gave us the opportunity to look back, and to clarify and sharpen our focus for the future. The second concerns the recent scandals in our constituency that have caused much heartsearching and cultural review.

This academic year (2022-23), we will be picking up events in our programme that we believe to be core. In a number of ways, things are much the same. We believe that, under God, our role is to help teachers and preachers listen closely to what God says in the Bible so they can proclaim it faithfully and persuasively. We continue to be convinced of the urgency of this task, so that people facing God’s judgement might hear and respond to the gospel and be saved.

Those of us who are involved in teaching and preaching ministries need regular ‘in service training’ to help us make progress in handling the Bible well. And the forced isolation of national lockdowns has caused many of us to value, even more highly, the support of others engaged in this task. All of our conferences and courses are committed to providing that kind of encouragement within the context of warm, supportive relationships. We want to redouble our efforts to focus on this priority above all others.

At the same time, things are also different. People are weary. Many seem discouraged or even disillusioned about local church ministry. Some are wary of gatherings for a whole variety of reasons. And all of us are much more sensitive to power imbalances whenever leadership is exercised. But we still want to serve the local church and encourage faithful word ministry if we can. Our aim is to equip men and women to handle God’s word faithfully so that they can teach it to others. This is not so we build a name for ourselves but for the honour and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Him alone.

The residential conferences and courses outlined in this booklet are designed to meet that aim. There is something for everyone – for those engaged in word ministries full-time or part-time as well as for those who are doing it all in their spare time. So, come and join us, and encourage others to come too. You can find details of how to apply here.

We look forward to seeing you.